COACHING TIP: Bridging The Gap Between You and Your Goals


A couple of you said, "Man, I’m just not where I’m supposed to be," or something to that effect.

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

In Strategic Coach
, were you with them when they called it "The Gap"? You’re always looking ahead, and you’re never looking right here, right now, this is where I’m supposed to be. It’s the gap. It’s this space that leaves you feeling like you’re messed up and you’re not doing well and you’re not performing.

And it’s not a good place to be in.

We covered some of it yesterday, but really be comfortable with exactly where you are.

Felt like there wasn’t enough time yesterday to fill out all those questions properly. So can we go back and do that?

Yeah, and we’re going to do a lot of that today too. So the goal for today is basically to have you guys leave with all you need to go back and make one of these. So minimum 4 personal, 4 professional, totally filled out. And that’s what those 12 sheets in front of you are for. Everyone should have 12 of those sheets.

Do you believe if you hadn’t done that, your business wouldn’t be where it is?

100%. Like 150%.

I’ve been a little bit lax on this in the last 2 years for my team. And I’m not going to put together a 1-page strategic plan, just because you’re supposed to. But during this time, during the crunch time of really pushing from 60-120-180-250, that’s kind of these years. 2010 was the 120 year. And then there was the 180 year. And then it pushed over into the 250 year.

100% I don’t believe it would have happened if I didn’t put all that on paper and have it in front of me.

How many times do you think you referred to that sheet?

At least a handful of times a week. In those couple of hardcore years. This is tough. I’ve got to get this shit in front of me.

It was everywhere. I’m not kidding. One of these I printed, it was a 4-pager I had. And I printed it on 11x17 laminated with professional on the front two pages, and personal on the back two pages. And I printed 20 of the 11x17 and 20 of an 8.5x11, so a mini-version of it.

And I just 100% believe that if you do this today and you follow through and you spend maybe even a couple 3 hours in a coffee shop and finish this out and go laminate it and do it. If you guys do that, when we get together in 6-12 months, the people that have done that part, the part that you won’t do here, 100% game changer.

I know some of you are just like, yeah, but I got shit to deal with. But at the time I did this, I promise you it was not easy. I promise you that all the shit you’re dealing with, like he doesn’t understand he works Tuesdays. It was only a few years ago. Like 2011-2012 was in the muck of it.

2012 was coming out of it.

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