How Do Our Buyer's Agents Achieve their Goals?


The question is, "Lars, for our weekly buyer meeting, should we be using the DYD or some other tool for goal setting for buyer agents. What do you recommend for a new team?"

There are two things we recommend, and they are both located under the team building section on Google Drive. Under 'Time Management and Accountability', you'll find the DYD for TLG document. On a daily basis, I want my agents filling out the DYD for TLG and time-blocking 6 money making activities, with an action item list, a positive focus lift, along with notes and insights from the day.  You need to be using the amped version of this tool and lead by example. The only difference on yours is that there are 3 project lists.

The second thing is the Weekly Success Tracker. Every week, our buyer agents present this to the entire team. They stand up and talk about their week, nothing complicated. The DYD is for them to manage their time daily. This is required in order to have a spot on my team.

If you're new to our team and haven't set any appointments, you aren't going to last long. 2-3 hours a day is normal for prospecting for new agents. This is double sided, one sheet for the week. Everything that you need is on here. On this form, your buyers agents summarize their results.

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