How to Track Buyer Specialists' Progress with Incentives


Dave is saying he just created an incentive for his team to form a new habit using the tracker. He just needs to know what to ask them during meetings and he wants to know exactly what the agents are asked to say about the critical activities tracker during the meetings. 

Typically they're standing up and they're holding this side of the paper and they're talking about their week. I originally got this idea from a movie where a high school coach made his players stand up and reveal three commitments that they'd made to themselves and to the team.

From my perspective, it's like, how many weeks in a row are you going to stand up and say I made on hour of prospecting and did twelve dials, but submitted no offers, worked with no hot buyers, no nurturers, didn't write any note cards, didn't ask anyone if they have a home to sell, and didn't add any contacts into a database?

It's very factual, so when you ask them to tell you how the week was, you only get the facts. So, they go through and tell me they did 6 hours of prospecting, got 111 dials and 17 meaningful conversations, I did only three hours of follow up, but I did set two appointments by myself and got three signed of the four that I held.

Many of them don't report on adding new contacts to their database but there is more of a focus on that right now with the new agents because we're having them track the size of their sphere of influence database. So that's what I'm using that for, and that's kind of the extent of it.

You may get stronger or weaker responses, so you may want to do one yourself, model it for them, and make them realize it's just their time to brag about how productive they were the week before. 

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