How Do Our New Agents Get the Hang of Our Systems so Quickly?


Let me give you a quick update on our new agent training - it has been awesome! I love when a new agent comes in because we have the benefit of a blank slate. 

Right now, the market is doing pretty well. We've written 50 transactions this month and we have four new agents starting this month. This is the best month we've had as a team. There is a great energy in our company right now and everyone feels truly alive. 

The goal of our training is to know the scripts, know the back-end of our CRM (BoomTown), learn how to go through a presentation, do paperwork, and how to do showings and write contract. We have a support staff that goes along with doing those things, but we keep it as simple as possible so we don't over complicate our processes. It's going well.

Every one of our agents will be invited to go to Mexico with their spouse if they hit $3.2 million written this year. Basically, we did 16 sides at $200,000 - our new agents tend to average a lower price point. In general, as you can probably tell, things are going extremely well. Two of our agents are already calling leads, and they were only 7-10 days in; they jumped right into the scripts, right into the BoomTown training, and picked up it really quickly. 

We challenged all four of our new agents to come to the table with 50 SOI and we challenged them with the activity of setting SOI appointments. This has been the biggest game changer, as we've never challenged anyone like this before. It's just a deliberate call to someone who wants to see you win, and say something like, "Hey, this is Lars, I just wanted to reach out and ask a favor. I've recently joined a top real estate team and I've got aggressive goals. Would you be willing to refer me to your friends and family, and introduce me to people you may know who plan to buy or sell?"

The cool thing about Klipfolio is that it links, it updates every minute or so. In the current month, we're already at $39 million, and our goal for the month was only $31 million! We're $8 million head, so that's pretty cool. 

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