How to Get Out of Your Email and Stay Productive


So I’ll share something with you. It’s not going to impact in any way how you guys are serviced or served or anything, but I have given up email. What I mean by that is that I was probably spending a couple hours a day on email.

I tried it once before, but it’s going to stick this time. For the most part, 90% of what comes through your email is not going to help you live the lift that you’re trying to design, from a business or personal perspective.

I was just totally wrapped up in living in my email. It was the first thing I would check in the morning, and last thing I would check at night. I wouldn’t even want to think how many times I would put my passcode into my iPhone, check and clear out emails.

It would give me this instant feeling of accomplishment that I was being productive. So I’m done with email.

Now it gives me less distractions. I know if you’re in production it’s not the easiest thing to do, but you certainly could get down to a checking it a few times a day. Having your assistant realize that you spending time in email is taking away from the bigger vision and mission of the team.

You’ve got to get support and hold yourself accountable to being deliberate and intentional with your time. I think part of it is just a commitment to certain times of day where you’re going to check it.

If you have an executive assistant, they can certainly manage your email in the morning. Put out any fires first thing in the morning where you can be productive for that first 2-3 hours in terms of new business development.

Time blocking a little bit of time mid-day, and then a half hour at the end of the day. Just realize not everything on there even matters.

I’ve given up both emails: my coaching email and my real estate emails. I’ve got an assistant that’s going through it for me, and anything she can put off onto someone who’s better equipped to answer or handle a question, that person is getting it.

Otherwise we just use a customer service tool called Groove, and I’ve got a bunch of stuff that I need to handle there. I’ve got four open tickets right now that I need to handle within that system.

For the real estate business, I don’t recommend you guys go to something like a ticketing system, but realizing that you don’t have to be the one going through your email will change your entire outlook.

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