How to Utilize Direct Response and USP Marketing


Let me pull up the conditions of the “29 Days.” I do think USP Marketing in Real Estate is important. It doesn’t mean you have to use the “I’ll buy it” or “I’ll sell for free.” This is a Hoss Pratt postcard, so this is not a postcard that I designed.

I didn’t actually get great results with it; it was more of an adder to the Hoss Pratt letters, which I did get really good results with. For every five calls I got on the letters, I got one call on the postcards because I had different tracking ones on them.

This is the postcard the Steve posted and said he wasn’t feeling it. This is Direct Response USP Marketing, so it’s very clear: “Your Home Sold in 29 Days Guaranteed or I’ll Sell for FREE!” The website and a phone number.

So it’s “Call me at” or “Visit my website.”

You have a home to sell. If I don’t sell it in 29 days, I’ll sell it for free. Go to this website or call me. So this is as Direct Response as you could possibly get, and this is USP Marketing.

To me, this is an absolute unique selling proposition. How you communicate it is another thing. Let me pull up the Restrictions here, because I want everyone to have some comfort with USP Marketing in general.

I am 110% comfortable advertising - all my FSBOs, all my expireds, and direct response mailers that I send out - I’m 110% comfortable with the “29 Days or I’ll Sell for Free.”

I have no problem with the trade part of it, they have to be trading up using us to buy a home and it’s at least a 2x trade. I’m just completely comfortable with it.

Yeah, everyone doesn’t qualify, but I’m OK with that. Not everyone is going to qualify for everything that I do. That’s the number one criteria that kind of kicks everyone out.

If you were comfortable with getting rid of this altogether - if that’s what made you feel like this is something that you didn’t want to offer - the second criteria here is just as important.

So even if I didn’t offer the 2x trade, the fact that you have to agree on a listing price with a seller - if they’re not going to give you a price that’s based on reality and you know you’re going to get interest in a property, then they don’t qualify for the program.

If they’re home is worth $200K and they want to price it at $240K because they think the market’s on fire, there is no guarantee. And that’s pretty reasonable.

Even if you got rid of the first criteria (which I don’t recommend), you should know the market well enough that you would know they would have a contract on their home within 29 days. What price it would take for them to have a contract within 29 days on their home.

At all times during the listing period, the seller still has to pay the buyer’s broker. They have to have it staged and inspected. There’s a certain price range that you should guarantee.

You have to get your full commission. For us that’s 7%, but it could be whatever you want. So if you do sell it, you get your full commission. If they don’t want to give you your full commission anyway, they don’t qualify for the trade.

Upfront marketing fee of $1,495. So worst case, you’re getting an upfront marketing fee.

Price reductions. If you’re uncomfortable with price reductions, then just make sure you hit number two and you price this home right out of the gate.

Every 7 days we have price reductions - 2% from the current asking price.

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