How to Recruit Agents to Your Team and Keep 2/3 of Your Gross Commission


Closing the deal and making the offer.

Once you’ve found “the one,” it’s time to get them into the office to extend the offer. That’s when you’re going to go through the Position Agreement.

I’ve made the mistake of bringing them back in the office, making the offer, and not going through the Position Agreement. There are things in the Position Agreement that are going to freak them out, so you need to go through that agreement with them, and handle those objections as they come up.

Again, you have to go through that Position Agreement with them one-on-one and handle those questions (objections) when you extend the offer.

At the same time, you’re going to want to go through the Buyer Lead Management Policy, general expectations around prospecting, and the training program.

B-School Members all have access to what we do for new agents in terms of our training, so that’s in Google Drive now. We have six sessions, and then some general sales training.

New Buyer Agent Training

Orientation - dress code, office policy
Buyer Specialist Position Agreement - present and answer questions

Session 1
Streams of Potential - Team Leads, Fishing & SOI/GFN
Opportunity Time - sitting ready for live calls & emails
Lead Conversion & Lead Management, including Scripts & Dialogs

Session 2
Boomtown & Commissions Inc. Training
Buyer Lead Mgmt Policy

Session 3
Buyer Presentation
Buyer Packets

Session 4
Buyer Client Pipeline Report
Buyer Appointment Tracker

Session 5
21 Day Positive Focus!
Time Management & Personal Productivity (Dominate Your Day!)
Weekly Success Tracker (offline and online)

Session 6
Buyer Closing Procedure Manual
Contract / File / Paperwork procedures
Negotiation / Closing

Sales Training
Straight Line Persuasion - Jordan Belfort
Mastering Influence - Tony Robbins

Then we just sign the agreement and get to work on training. We tend to have 2-3 agents starting at the same time each year. One will leave for whatever reason, so we add 1-2 every year due to some sort of attrition.

We don't have a lot of turnover, but we generally run these in groups and try to recruit in groups when possible.

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