Using Action Plans to Deliver a World Class Client Experience


This is really independent of what CRM you use, but you have to have one that has the ability to multitask in the form of calls, emails, to-do's, letters, labels, and other different tasks.

So, in the first thirty days when we close out a seller, here is the plan that happens: we send out a Zillow review, we send out our Lowes subscription, we mail a thank-you note, we have a post-closing phone call to the seller, we put a thank-you note on the agent's desk, we update the MLS, we clear out the voice pad, and much more. This is just a system on how we deal with the first thirty days after closing.

B-School Members have access to everything we do when we book a seller's appointment. There are about eight or so tasks that happen in this case. There's a definite way to handle every little thing that happens in our business.

For seller appointments, we send out a pre-list package, prepare the equity evaluation, we send a thank-you email, we call to confirm the appointment, we create a listing folder, and much more. Everything that happens is prescribed ahead of time. This leaves out any guesswork as to how things have to happen. 

There are also listing and buyer side plans, and you have access to all of these files. 

The important thing about these files is that they deliver a standard of service no matter what CRM system you're using. They can be replicated as long as your CRM has the ability to multitask, which most CRM platforms are capable of doing these days.

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