Welcome New Client Jeremy Parmenter

How did you first hear about Lars?
Jeremy Parmenter
(Eugene, OR)
I saw a Vyral Marketing video of Lars, and I was hooked from there. He had everything broken down where he understood every part of his business and kept every part accountable. The number one thing that got my attention was how fast Lars was able to work himself out of his own business. I've never seen anyone do it that fast, so it gained my respect for him.

Why did you decide to reach out when you did?
Right now, my business is very busy and we have a lot of really good opportunities, but I want to hold everything I have accountable. Also, I saw that Lars had built his business on the buy side, and that's predominantly what I was handling. I was part of NAEA, so I was familiar with Lars from there.

Why did you feel that Lars was the best option for you?
It seemed like he wasn't trying to sell me anything. He had systems and processes put in his business - and we hear those words a lot - but to have someone truly break down all the fundamentals is important when you want to build a strong business.

What does success with this program look like to you?
To work myself out of the business with a high profit margin.

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