Yard Signs Provide the Best Leads: Here's How to Capture Them


Yard marketing provides the best possible leads, which is why you hear the expression, "listings have babies". A yard sign lead is a buyer driving around looking for homes, meaning this person probably doesn't have an agent. These are serious buyers that are crying out for help, which is why they are the best possible leads. The more yard sign calls you can get, the better. 

Most people only utilize one sign, but we use three for our listings. One sign speaks about an open house everyday, one signifies you and your brand, and then one sign acts as a voice pad. The VoicePad is a very, very powerful technology, and anyone with more than 5 listings should have VoicePad.

The secret to this technology is having the right sign and using the right script on the intro. Out of the box, the script is ineffective. We change it to say, "Due to changing market conditions, press 1 for the current price of this property". This changed our conversion rates from 20% to 90+%, since it transfers to a live call via Ifbyphone (DialogTech).

Your desired outcome for each call is to build rapport and get in front of the buyer. Agents on my team handles these calls differently than I would, but they want to get in front of buyers. Ideally, you would want a buyer consultation but a showing appointment is fine, too.

If you can't get them face to face and they're not with another agent, get them on a property search. Serve them on that search and try to make something of that relationship. Studies show that five to eight contacts is when a sale happens in a typical seller-customer relationship, so give it some time and manage your leads with care.

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