Define Your Legacy by Writing Out Your Core Values


Right now we're talking about personal core values, so we're not translating this to the business. This is about you on a personal level. Let's dive deeper into your value system.

Your unique set of values, principles or standards define what is important to you in life, but some are affecting our choices in way we don't intend or want.

As a business leader you have to figure out how these might be negatively impacting your business, especially how you lead others. That's the tougher work because it's not easy to think about how you might be impacting others negatively. It's tough to look at your own weaknesses, but this is the time where you can improve yourself dramatically.

This is not about blame or being perfect, it's about knowing yourself well enough to bring about positive change inside your company and out to your market. Don't ignore your deep desires simply because they seem impossible, undeserved, embarrassing, unpopular, or inappropriate.

There is an exercise in here called Writing Your Eulogy, and it's a really cool exercise. My father recently passed away, and as hard as it is to say - there really wasn't anyone at his funeral, and that's not how I want to live my life. This really got me thinking about my legacy and what I want to leave behind. It's not fun to think about death, but it's important.

Think about what your loved ones would say about you when you have passed. If your business is truly inside of your life, then thinking about what your life was about will help you make some connections into the drivers of your business. For me, this process was about imagining if I would have any coaching clients come to my funeral, even if I had coached them 30 years ago.

If you take this exercise seriously, it can help put you in alignment with more of the person that you truly want to be. Don't hold back, this will give you a better understanding of the hero's journey you're on. The clearer the end goal, the easier to chart the course to get there. By writing your eulogy and defining the life you want to be remembered for, you'll have a new compass as you move through every challenge.

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