What Are the Four C’s of High Performance?


I’m going to go through this one more time. This is high-performance coaching with Brendon Burchard, founder of High Performance Academy, I’ve gone through the certification twice, and I live out most every one of his principles in terms of his 6 pillars of high performance: purpose, presence, physiology, psychology, persuasion and productivity. A really solid framework. 

Common sense isn’t always common practice is his number one thing. I’ve taken my team through their high performance masters course. I want to start out this session by going through a framework that I got from Dan Sullivan, which feeds into the courage part here.

The first C is Commitment. First, you have to take a leap of faith and really commit to what you want to achieve-- commit before you have every “t” crossed and every “i” dotted. There’s no doubt that it’s scary. 

Then comes the Courage phase, which is where most people lose it. I made a commitment to sell 10,000 homes a year, do you think I have the capability to do that? I do not have the capability to do that. But I’ve gotten really good at this process and this loop where I can break through the courage phase and it doesn’t really bother me. Most people admire courage in others but don’t like the experience themselves. In fact, this crucial step feels awful.

You’ve committed yourself without having any proof that what you’re going after is going to pay off. So me building a team or network of agents to serve 10,000 families in a year. I don’t know how to do it certainly. I took some big steps by listening to Gary Keller and how he is helping his agents do it. I have to get through that stage quickly. 

Next is Capability. Think back to one of your breakthroughs. For me, it was starting a coaching company. Wasn’t it the combination of making a commitment and going through a period requiring a lot of courage that created both the new capability and the new confidence?

Finally, Confidence. The new level of confidence you experience after a breakthrough is what gives you the ability to commit to an even bigger breakthrough and an even greater sense of confidence. And the process repeats itself. 

So for my real estate company, the fact that I built a team that’s top 25 in KW and Re/MAX combined, that gives me a lot of confidence to say “Let’s triple our business in Charlotte, and go worldwide with this thing, doing 10,000 deals a year.”

The same thing goes for coaching. Why can’t real estate B-School impact 1,000 people in a single year, even with free content?  Why can’t we build our list to 100,000 agents  instead of the 10 or 12 thousand we have on our list now?

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