What is The State of Your Business?


When you measure team morale, or buyer agent hustle, that could be a core value that shows up as a strategic indicator you want to track.

Personal observations and a feel for your business, while important, are only part of the picture-- emotionally based observations are often a far cry from reality. Going through this certification process through E-myth has been a real cool process for me.

We’ll get into some of the leadership styles, and, of the 8 of them, I see 4 of them apply to me, and none of them are really good. It’s an eye-opener when you have to take a realistic look at what’s going on.

It’s too easy to lose touch with the pulse of your business and know if it’s moving toward your vision or not. You need a systematic way to track the progress of your business, and your intangibles, to make sure that how the business lives inside you is square with the outside world.

The goal is to line up your experience with your business with how it's actually showing up-- tracking your progress is critical to achieving your vision. 

Key strategic indicators involve the quantification of the “state of your business” with an emphasis on elements spelled out in your company vision. So, obviously the easy ones are like “client satisfaction”, but when it comes to world-class being the true measure we want to give your clients, most of us are focused on growing, when if we just focused on delivering a crazy experience for our clients, the growth is going to come.

Although we don’t always pay attention to them, these indicators exist-- the key is to identify them, quantify them, and track them consistently. Measurable indicators are more common. The big ones are buyer sides, buyer volume, buyer GCI, seller sides, seller volume, seller GCI.

It’s critical to know and track the margins on both sides, and your expenses should be broken down into two buckets: things you can get rid of, and things you can’t. Non measurable indicators are harder to pin down. 

How do you measure employee inspiration? Fulfillment? You can’t easily measure them, but you can easily quantify, track, and use them for informed decision making. You must identify the factors that are vital to achieving your vision and devise ways to quantify them-- the results are the Key Strategic Indicators for your business.

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