Stop Avoiding Your Fears With This Courage Checklist


Let's go through the Courage Checklist. You should take the time to go through this because the general public does not carve out time in their day to do stuff like this. I promise you I wouldn’t put this in front of you if I didn't think it was a game changer. Take time to go through this material and take it seriously. This is the core of what I believe, the deep thinking work and some of the limited beliefs we have embedded within ourselves that we have to break through to be able to move to the next level. Grab this and print it out, if you don't get through it now take some time to do it later.

Where does courage come from? How do we start to gain more confidence and courage in our lives? The answers lie not only in moments of crisis, but in how we live each day of our lives. Consider the concepts below and respond to the questions.

First, it's an awareness of what we fear. Outside of fears for physical health in dangerous situations, what we most often fear are three things. First, we fear loss pain, or that by changing or advancing in our lives we will lose something important to us. An example of that is going on a diet. The fear of losing food.

Second, we fear process pain. The mere act or process or changing will be too hard for us. To use the diet example again, say you have 50 pounds to lose, the process of changing and focusing on your health our your weight.

Third, we fear outcome pain, that all the effort we put into changing may not lead to a better outcome in our lives, like pushing a business to the next level. You're not sure it will work. You're afraid the grass might not be greener.

Think of a change you have avoided making or a dream you have not moved towards, and complete the sentences below for greater insight:
I haven't changed or chased my dreams with more courage and commitment because I'm afraid I might lose. 
I haven't changed or chased my dreams with more courage and commitment because I'm afraid the process might bring on these hardships in my life. 
I haven't changed or chased my dreams with more courage and commitment because I'm afraid that despite all the effort the outcome might not be soo good and I could end up… 
When I overcome all my fears and have the courage to take action and improve my life will be different in this way..
Expressing our real thoughts feelings, needs, and ambitions to others. It takes courage to tell the world what you're about and how you're thinking. Doing it more consistently will forge a stronger confidence in your heart and social world. A good example for me is 10,000 homes. That is super scary, to tell the world that. But I'm starting to say it regularly. People might think I'm crazy because I don't know of any teams doing 10,000 homes, but that doesn't mean we're not going to be doing it.
If I'm honest, I haven't been communicating my real thoughts, feelings, needs, and ambitions to the following people… and it's costing me… 
A person and situation I am dedicated to addressing in the next five days is… and this is why and how!
I think this is the last one here. Consistently creating and responding to challenges in our lives by taking action. A person of action develops a sure sense of who he or she is and is also more likely to be bold and resilient in tackling life's major challenges. Commit today to taking a few bold leaps forward in your life. This comes back to the 4 c's, the commitment, courage, capabilities, and confidence. When you constantly cycle through that loop, it becomes like a tornado. You start small with small commitments, build more confidence, then it builds up.

Three areas I'm going to take more bold action in the next 60 days are.. And here's what I'm going to do. This is probably the most important thing we will do today. Three areas, personal or professional, where you will take more bold action in the next 60 days. What are those three areas, and what are you going to do?

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