Create a Vision that Your Team Will Resonate With



Vision Is a Team Sport

Have you ever felt like you've been to an off-site or put your vision up on the walls in your office, but then when the off-site is over, what tends to happen to those beautiful words? It drifts, right? It drifts and leaks away.

Vision is a team sport. Yes, it's incumbent on us, bold leaders, to cast that vision, but we want to share it in such a way that the vision not only resounds with our team, but our team really buys into that vision. Our team is sharing that vision. That's when you know you really crossed a bridge in things like vision when it comes to culture.

I'm going to share a video in a few minutes about the Zappos culture. Keep that in mind, about vision being a team sport. Tell me if you think it's all just Tony, the CEO, or if it's truly a team sport.

Jot down this question - it's a great question from your customer's perspective: "Does this business care about me?" I love that question.

I want to challenge you. You want to create a wow moment for your customers, but you also need to create a wow moment for your internal team. You're leading your internal team. What is your vision? At the Lars Group, it's, "To motivate, to inspire people, to create a better life through real estate." For us, that's our vision. Who knows your vision? Tell us your vision, Dave.
"Faith-based real estate group that enriches the lives of those around us in the way we practice life and business."
That's great. Anyone else?
"To deliver happiness to our clients, team members, and vendors, and we happen to do it on a real estate platform by using superior systems and people."
That is good stuff. Now tell me this: did Steve Jobs have a vision? Did this guy leave a legacy? Absolutely. No doubt. When I hear people share their vision like that, I believe that's where each one of us needs to be. When we have that kind of conviction, that kind of conviction bleeds. Our team catches that. More is caught than taught, an old phrase that parents will know. So we've got to know our vision. The more we know our vision, the more it spreads out.

How to Share Your Vision

Start where you are. Use what you have and do what you can. Let me give you a couple real tangible ways to share your vision so it's not just coming from you, it's coming from everyone on your team.

One of the most powerful ways - and Lars has done a good job of this in my time with him - would be to share your company stories on a consistent basis. I can't think how many times I've heard Lars tell the story of how he hired his first admin, Tia. A hundred times Lars has told the story of Tia Wilson, and she's still with us today.

Everyone in this room has more stories than you think about how your business started, how you got to certain milestones. It's incumbent to us as leaders to ingrain those stories into the fabric of our culture. Share those in team meetings. Share those in off-sites. Share stories. That's how culture and vision spread.

Second, do a lot of celebrating. Celebrate your successes. Celebrate your successes as a team. That drives the vision. Does your team work hard? Yes, absolutely. I'm constantly appreciating the long hours, the late night texts we get from people. Go and be intentional about celebrating those mile markers, those milestones you hit. There's strength in casting vision around those gathering opportunities. The more intentional we are about that, the more successful we'll be in casting that vision and really creating it as a team sport.

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