Is Print Marketing Right for Your Market?


Alright, so let’s turn to page 21. As I’m going through it, just make some comments on how that channel is something you should look at or you looked at it and it wasn’t a good fit.

So, newspapers and magazines. Are there markets still where buyers pick up a real estate section? "Yeah, baby boomers 55 and older still read the daily newspaper and you could put something in there about downsizing"

I just think, yeah, newspapers haven’t come down in pricing at all. Does anyone run regular newspaper ads? I don’t know about magazines, but in some of the higher priced point markets, there are magazines where everyone in that market is picking up that magazine.

Newsletters, we’re going to start and commit to. Recently, I got Dan Kennedy’s newsletter for five or six years before I dropped $10,000 with him in a six-month period. He just sent me out ones once a month, that cost about two bucks to mail. I think he even paid for the cost of it, so we’re gonna start a newsletter that we put effort into, kind of like the hyperlocal stuff you do to make it work. We want a newsletter people will like and trust.

A quick note on Discover Pubs: how many deals will you get from it this year? I think we’re over twenty that are going to be listed in the spring. The difference between the way they did Discover Pubs and we did it, I’m all about turning the key and letting it just go. With this stuff, and especially with what we know now about the effort you need to put in marketing, it just doesn’t work that way. It just doesn’t. If you want to do Discover Pubs, make sure you talk to someone that’s getting it to work. You have to do a small piece at a time.

Let’s say your Discover Publication is going to 3,000 homes in a single subdivision. It is the iron crest real estate advisor. I’d say everyone that I’ve talked to that this didn’t work, they didn’t have hyperlocal content. It’s the only way. Every time I got that newspaper, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. For 54 cents, you get a 12-page color newspaper and if you wanted to for a little more, you can have them customize the content. I just never did. That’s why it totally failed.

Please, everyone don’t go mail out a newspaper to 60,000 homes. Start with their minimum, I think that is 3,000. Talk to people that are using hyperlocal content to get those responses.

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