7 Simple Ways to Increase Your Sales Conversions

Expanding Your Key Profit Drivers

Alright, so key driver number three is about increasing your sales conversions. Once we get in front of the person, or face to face, or have them come into the office, how can we get more people to sign loyalty or listing agreement? Ask more than once. If they say no, handle objections. Also, there’s risk reversal guarantees. Really, lean into those guarantees and play them up. Traditional agents don’t do a one day deal. They lock you into a twelve month contract and don’t let you out of it. We’ve seen clients pay to get out of a contract before. When you fire us, it’s for not doing our job at any moment you think we’re not earning your business.

What else, increasing your sales conversion? Training for agents. This is something, Kyle mention this and we haven’t done this, but it’s like, do you really know if your agents are giving your buyer presentation? Are they really seeing signed loyalty agreements coming through? If you’re not, what’s happening? You could hire a ghost shopper. We haven’t done it, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Companies do it all the time. You know, call into the office and set up an appointment with somebody. Try to not go into the office and get out to a property, see if they do that. See if they give you paperwork and here are ten things to look out for.

Think about increasing the conversions with buyer consults. What else? Have a video. If you’re not doing an office, send the video ahead of time? Do you think someone watching the video before they see the home would be helpful? Yeah. Consuming something, giving them homework, we’ve talked about this. When we get someone to agree, or want to get on the phone with me for coaching, we have them do homework before they get on the phone. I direct them to a website with case studies and a survey. Make sure you have these things for the call. Set up a site with homework, to pre-sell your services, to direct them to before you get on the phone with them.

How about pre-list packet for sellers? We send a lot of stuff, and I haven’t thought about it in a while. Think about what you send. If you don’t have the agreement signed, a follow up package to send out afterwards helps. We left the house or office without agreement; what could you send out afterwards? Keep stuff back instead of sending everything. That’s where the client testimonials, a book just from someone, comes in handy. Read this right now, of fifty pages of just this year.

That to me is powerful. What else can you do? Filling out a property disclosure when they’re in the office… it includes what you have to do to get your home on the market. Start filling this out. Also, bring your keys to the appointment. I’ve never done this, but it’s mental warfare. Bring your title policy and get all of things in order, because we’ll need them when we list your home.

Has anyone ever brought lock box and signs in? Does that work? Start taking measurements and pre-photos? I’ve never done it, but maybe it’s something that could be done.

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