How to Win More Listings & Create a Better Selling Experience


Mike has a good question. We added professional photography and staging a few years ago, and it was a game-changer for getting listings and selling quickly. Mike, you know me long enough to know I hate the term game-changer, because very few things change the game. I’m just picking on you.

What else do other members do to make a difference in the seller experience? What things could you do to? To me, Mike, there’s two things: to win more listings, or to create a better seller experience. A lot of times, selling the stuff you do better than the next guy, will win you more listings.

A true, differentiated seller experience is almost a different question. I think that is just around a high level of communication with sellers and retreating what you’re doing to market their home, if it doesn’t sell. Having the seven day communication commitment and 30-day market reviews is half of the battle there. To win more listings, we’re shifting more towards showing them we have buyers and that being our unique selling proposition. 

Guaranteed sale is something we don’t lead heavily with when we get into a conversation. We’re building up with unique sort of value and what we really value and how we work differently. We generate, I think I ran the number and it’s a ridiculous amount of buyer leads every month, and that’s how we drive success. We do a better job of communicating that.

It’s not normal for someone to generate 76 buyer leads a month. We generate 700 to 800. That’s not normal, that’s why you hire us to spend money to generate interest in our listings. If they don’t like another listing, we’ll cross-sell them yours. We have a team of buyer’s agents, so that is more of our sell because Mike, we do professional photography and adding Matterport. We don’t do professional staging, and that hasn’t hurt us. Other agents market that, but it hasn’t hurt us. I think there’s two different questions there.

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