The Lowest Cost, Highest Return Tool in Your Business

Referral Cards

Sandy says,” I put the buyer package together and have received three referrals since. I love that one.” It’s not rocket science, right, Sandy? It’s just basic things. And I hope what Sandy is talking about in the buyer packet, and every packet, all around the office you should have these referral cards -- the lowest cost, highest return on your business. You should be asking for referrals for both buyer and listing opportunities when you sign that person, when you contract, and when you close thirty days after. 

If all of you can take that as an action item, every time you secure a relationship with a buyer or seller, you give them your referral card and say, “Hey, Sandy, I’m so honored to be helping you with this buyer process and helping you find a home. The reason why we’re so successful is that we do a good job for our clients.

"And I earn your trust in that respect and work hard for you, and I ask for you to keep your ears and eyes open for anyone who’s looking to buy or sell a home. Here’s a card to remind you of that.” Same thing when you go under contract. "Remember when I said I was going to do a good job for you? Well, we just got you under contract for a really awesome house in terms of price. Who do you know who’s looking to buy or sell?"

When you close, "man, congrats on that closing! Who do you know?" Thirty days after, "Hope things are doing great in your new house in San Diego. Who do you know back in Charlotte to buy or sell a home?" If you put a plan in pale around this, and have these, we used to have these in tri-fold brochure holders around but we’ve gotten away from that. We had 20 holders with these in them. That’s a really good strategy.

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