Use Bold Leadership to Get Bold Results

Let’s start with the concept of Bold Leadership. A good example of this is Elevation Church in Charlotte that has had a phenomenal growth due to their young, bold leader, Steven Furtick. He started this church with maybe four or five families, and it has grown to over 20,000 people and he now has thirteen different campuses in the area. 

This is a great example of someone who worked with what they had, and he accomplished his dreams. However, he was very bold in what he did. In fact, he used four different things to accomplish his goal:

1. Clarity: You need to know what you want.
2. Focus: You cannot forget what you want.
3. Stubbornness: You have to be resistant to what others want.
4. Resourcefulness: You have to use what is in front of you.

A good analogy for this is to imagine a middle-school girl in pursuit of an iPhone. I think she would have all of these qualities in her pursuit. This is a funny analogy, but it paints a good picture of how you should be pursuing your business. Take risks that show your employees that you are in it to win it. Be a bold leader and make bold decisions. Take charge of your business!

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