Why Matt Stevens Hired Lars Hedenborg

Matt, how did you first hear about Lars?

Lars was on a coaching call on a Real Geeks webinar, and we've been watching those pretty intensely the last year or two.

Matt Stevens
(Meridian, ID)
Why did you decide to reach out when you did?

He hit on a particular note I'm interested in, which is stepping away from the business and automating it. I'm not an agent, I've never sold or bought real estate for another client. I've sold and bought lots of real estate for myself, and I also have a real estate team that I manage. So I'm all ready and geared up for exactly what he's preaching, stepping out of the business. I realized I do need assistance, because I have other parts of my business I'm trying to operate at the same time. It's hugely beneficial to me to partner up with somebody who knows the business inside and out and can catch me up to speed on where things are at in the industry.  

Could you describe where your business is at right now?

We have four parts to our business. We have the construction, the brokerage, which helps our tenants becomes buyers. We have a transaction coordinator and 2 buyer's agents. My wife is a licensed broker, but I manage the team. The third division is our property management division. They manage the investment properties we build. Then our maintenance division maintains those properties. We have 14 full-time employees, and we're doing about $500,000 in GCI on the brokerage side. I'd like to see that double in the next year or two.

Why do you feel Lars was the best option for you when it comes to real estate coaching?

His unique selling proposition is stepping out of the business with systems. Anyone in my office would tell you I'm hugely systems oriented, and I've built each one of our divisions to run without me. This is one division (the brokerage) where I don't have a diverse background in. It's a little harder to step away from a business you never operated in. He hit on a couple key points that resonated with me personally and I could use the help to bridge the gap.

What does success with this program look like to you?

I'm hoping to develop a solid foundation to build upon. Part of the reason I signed up with you guys is that you do already have those systems built. It's not worth my time to re-invent the wheel if you guys have already dialed it in. We have a good foundation, but I believe you guys could help beef that foundation up. I hope to see my business grow more easily and more organically.

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