Does Hard Work Solve Every Problem?

Myopia. How many people are over 70% on myopia? Not a lot, alright. Your strengths are your focused, hard working, and grounded. The distorted beliefs are: That hard work will solve problems, that inspired vision won’t make a difference. If you’re truly myopic, when you hear people talk about vision, you’re like, “No, I just gotta generate leads and hit the phones, right?” Addicted to being a technician. I don’t expect this room to be a bunch of myopic folks because we don’t want to be the technician for the most part. We want technicians that are working for us. Change isn’t easy or worth the effort, and you can’t really love your work. It doesn’t sound like the most fun people to be around, because I believe you can love your work. Questions to consider: Does your team know what’s expected? How exactly does your business serve you? Is all the hard work worth the effort? Key transformations: Discover an inspired purpose, see your business as an opportunity for self-expression, and be committed to change if you’re truly, truly going to have a business, and then communicate your vision.

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