What Would I Have Done Differently?

I look at this here, what would I have done differently. I look at the model I have set up right now and it's really there are admin, buyer agents, listing agents, and inside sales. It's just a slightly bigger version of what I started with. I started with Tia and Chris. Tia was an admin and Chris was the buyer agent. I hired a couple more buyer agents and then I focused on listings so I got out of buyers. That's it. That was the thing that got me to 178 sides. That simple structure. It was a little bit more difficult to go to 248, to 320, to 450, but more of the same. Me exiting production, I did it wrong the first time, but that's the process you want to go through. I hired a bunch of agents who were not the right fit. I didn't have core values in place. I have beaten that dead horse enough. If you haven't heard of core values, you need to go back and listen to any of the seven calls where I've mentioned core values and the process surrounding core values. 

Here's one other thing: I still find some of the best agents are new to the business or at least they didn’t have a preconceived notion about how real estate has to happen. Unless you're a strong leader, to hire a bunch of agents that are going to second guess you as a leader is pretty challenging. I wouldn't recommend that. You want to have confidence in your first few hires. You want to make sure they fit your core values. For us, they hustle, they work hard, they embrace accountability and discipline, they know what world class service is and they deliver it, they have a positive attitude, and they like to make things better.

And ISA's, I'm careful here with seller ISA, this was for inbound. We were never big outbound prospectors at all actually and then we had a buyer, this was a combo inbound/outbound. We had yard signs, calls, and just following up with internet leads and so forth.

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