How Do You Ensure Admin Productivity?

Dan Ellison says “How do you keep your admin extremely productive? Their job is to take the reactionary work off your plate and thus can make their day crazy.”

I do think these principles apply to admin. Your admin could have, if you did this exercise with your personal admin, what if you each did this together? At the beginning of the week you determine which three projects your admin are going to work on, which three projects you are going to work on. You put your 15 steps in there every day and make five copies of that, five for you and five for your admin. Every day you guys sit together and do your top six together. And you time block those. I know some stuff is reactive and you have to get to it, but how are you going to time block your day?

What are the things, the people you need to hear from and need to reach out to today, Mr. or Ms. admin, and then end of the day, as you’re going through your day man, count the wins. Positive focus, go big, begin in gratitude or come home. Write down 10 ways you served at a deep level today. Dan, I feel like if you did this with your admin every day the tendency is to do this one day or maybe for a full week and then you get away from it and you never get back to it. Can you imagine how productive and engaged and enthusiastic and energetic your admin would be if you took this level of “Sure, let’s do this together.” It would change the game if you engaged with your admin at this level. You’ve got to do it in a way where you are coming at it from a humbleness. “Hey admin, I don’t have all the answers, I’m not doing this to micromanage you, I promise I’m not. Because you’re going to decide obviously we will decide together which projects are important, but we’ve got to carve out your time. We’ve got to focus on money-making activities so we can scale this team and there is more opportunity for everyone and then you know, I got to keep you positive. You’ve got to enjoy this work, I want you to come out every day and be like “man I ran out of room because I had like 16 positive things happen today."

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