The Importance of Delegation for Business Growth

Delegate and elevate. This is for everyone. If you’re not the team leader, your ability to identify a god-given unique ability and to do everything you can to lean into that over time. It’s not going to happen right away, right? To realize what it is is really really important. It just brings you into doing what you were created to do 80% of the time. And you just feel a passion and energy in your day, your team picks it up. You’re hiring people to fill voids like the things you aren't good at. So Mimi’s unique ability and Brian’s unique ability is different from Thomas’s unique ability. Everyone on your team should fill that unique ability of the function, we’ll go over the functions here in a second.

You only have 100% of your working time. Whether it’s 12 hours a day or eight hours a day, whatever amount of time you are dedicating to this craft, it’s got to be focused as much as possible on your unique ability. You can’t always do 120% in 100% of time. Things are going to fall through the cracks, so you’ve got to be able to delagate. And the people you delegate to have to be the right people. If someone under you is not the right person, you’re going to get a lot of stuff back. Then you won’t even have the ability to delegate stuff. I’m not going to have time to go through it, but there is an article I sent out. It’s the most simple way I’ve ever heard anyone, it was Patrick Lencioni unpacking what core values are. Just a practical way. I have an MBA, I’ve done strategy and acquisitions, but I never understood what core values were until I went through this process and I read that article. It’s on Harvard Business Review I think, but you can just pdf it. I forget what the title was, something about core values. 

And now, we have released people on our team recently for core values, we are interviewing to core values. I just understand it at such a deeper level. It’s along the same lines where you know we hustle and we work hard. Ninety percent of the population does not hustle, so it’s easy to craft some interview questions around that. Give me an example of where you just really busted your ass and worked hard and hustled to achieve something. There’s so much mystification around what core values, mission, purpose, vision are so you’ve got to understand your core values, they’ve got to share them, and there’s this get it, want it, have it, have the capacity to do it, which is in your workbook and you can just read it’s common sense. They’ve got to share your core values so that the bs is on those or at least most of those, then they have to get it, want it, have the capacity to do it. Like I said, if they don’t you can't delegate and elevate.

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